6 Advance spiritual practice for Meditator

Advance spiritual practice are for those who have been meditating for a long time. Those who can sit in meditation for an hour and want to advance their spiritual practice. Please don’t proceed if you are beginner in meditation.

Only for Regular Meditator

Advancing your spiritual practice

1) Observe gap between breath:

Bring awareness to your breath. Just let the normal inhale and exhale breath comes into your attention. You can do it for moments. As soon as your awareness grows. You can feel a milliseconds gap when inhale is converted to exhale.

This technique has been mentioned in Shiva Sutra, Read more about it here Vijñāna Bhairava Tantra

2) Observe your extreme state:

While you are very angry, stressed, in pain. That’s the best moment to meditate. How you react in extreme state is generally mind pattern. Some do physical violence, Some feel sick. The same energy can be transformed by observing it.

3)When you are happy:

 Ask yourself whenever you are happy, Whether I am happy because of certain reason? If there is a reason then that too shall pass. Enjoy the moment and realize the futility of it. This realization of impermanence is the most essential thing in your spiritual practice. Soon  you will realize permanence who Observe this temporary happiness and sadness.

4) When someone dies does around you:

In several spiritual practice, death is used for meditation. It may seem a bit sad but death is unavoidable phenomenon. Realizing your eternal soul and temporary body. You will realize yourself much free. Practice until you embrace life and death equal. This practice is used by a sect of Saints called Aghora, Read more about Aghori saint.

5) When you resist something:

Full Acceptance is the core of any enlightened being. In everyday life, you come across many occurrence where you resist because of psychological fear. Essentially you need to meditate and work on that thing so energy can flow through your body and all your chakras keeps flowing energy smoothly. Acceptance leads to closer to the present moment and dissolve your mind pattern Check out a beautiful video about chakras.

 6)Conscious of habits:

Repeatedly in our daily life our body gets habitual to even with ‘good habbits’. Good or bad habit is not the problem. Essentially habits are the problem. There are people who are addicted to gyming. Their body can’t function well, a day they don’t do. Those people may have a nice physical body but no aliveness.

Everything in excess ultimately ends up in Suffering
There is no much difference between a smoker and gym-freak. Discipline and habits have two very same meaning but little difference. Habit is when things happen unconsciously. Discipline is when you do consciously and you are not addicted with it.

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