8 Zen Master and Disciple Story

Zen Master always found out to be strange to the western mind in the way they teach their disciples. Some may think that Zen is a kind of cult. Mystics have the same way teaching the disciples. Mystic say that you can’t say directly about the truth. One can just negate what it is not

Here is a list of some of the riddles that are very popular in Zen schools in Soto and Rinzai. My main goal for this post is to make people solve these zen riddles. Zen Koans are not the one having a logical answer or you can search it. It has to come from meditation and depth of your Being

Zen Master and Story

Stories with Zen master

Before going further I recommend you to watch this video animation on how we react to mind. As like video our mind works like

warrior at the beginning and flies are our thoughts.

I hope you have got the message of the video. Try to meditate on these Riddles same way

Here are some riddles

Zen Riddles


Disciple: I heard from other schools disciple that their master walks on water. What superpower do you have.?

Master: I eat when I am hungry and sleep when I feel sleepy. That’s the only Zen I know

Disciple: I came all the way from far country to learn Zen
Master: why you want to learn ?
Disciple: I want to gain enlightenment
Master: Untill there is ‘I’  there must be many wants. Go back

Student: I meditate 10 hours a day, I can focus so long on any object, I want to learn advance zen from you
Master: Where did you keep the umbrella before you climbed upstairs
Student: I don’t know may be near shoe rack
Master: Go back you idiot fool.

Student: This is the perfect business website I have created for promoting zen(flawless website with rich formal content and media)
Master: Something is missing
Student looks around and can’t find any fault, as it was full professional and designed by experts
Master: Makes a grammatical mistake in text knowingly and says now it looks perfect.

Student: It’s a sad day, no hopes, no future motivation. I am depressed
Zen Master: Good. Don’t worry. It will pass
Student(After a month): It’s a bright day, found love of my life, fell in love with most beautiful women
Zen Master: Good. Don’t worry. It will pass

Student: I want to learn swordsmanship so I can save our village from thief’s
Zen Master: I don’t know.
(Student after staying in Zen monastery for 5 years)
Student: I have realized there is no greater enemy then the one resides within
Zen Master: I will teach you swordsmanship so you can save village.

(Student and master while chopping wood)
Student: I will always stay away from opposite sex. Monks always do the right thing.
Zen Master: (Hugging a female and  being friendly with her.) Invites on a dinner
(After the dinner)
Student: (Staring at her back while she was going)
Zen Master(Returned back to chopping wood and carrying water)

(Master while serving tea to scholar),
Scholar: I want to know the nature of mind universe, soul. Asked impatiently about zen philosophy
(Master overfilled the cup with tea)
Scholar: cup is full
Master: So is your mind.
I found a nice animation potraying this story so can’t resist sharing it. But here riddle is solved. 🙂

Please comment with the number and your understanding of riddle as detailed as possible

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