Being Here and Now- Poetry

Since  your advent you were searching for it,
You took a lot of detours to gain sense of it,
All you ended up was another journey,
Every journey had a desire to get there,
When desire is fulfilled, new desire is created,
Round and round playing in the merry-go round,
Poetry describing life

Here and now Poetry

It’s not a hurry to come out, you can enjoy as long as you want,
But you started complaining and cursing around,
You knew it was a temporary ride but now you have attached with it,
You looking ways to stay in merry-go-round and fear of home arouse.
Like a migrating bird, grasping it’s nest knowing it has to leave.
But can’t get away from it because of it’s need.
Let go of your merry-go-round, make a new home,
Come out of comfort, you are still the king.
May sound uncomfortable for a bit, but it will break your pattern,
How simple is life, just see with a child eye,
No need of growing up, if growing up is losing touch with yourself.
Live for this moment, as soon as this moment become past,
Die totally of the past, now a new ball has thrown to your bat,
Hit another home run or keep soaring about the last ball.
Although last home run was amazing, the next home run will be different,
Ball’s speed varies each time. Need the same awareness again,
Come back home, Come back to now
When one person asked about Being Here and now difficulties to Spiritual master Osho

 Read more about Here and Now from Osho
Guided Meditation by Eckhart Tolle- Best selling author for this topic

 Eckhart Tolle and Richard Alfred known for and
These books helped me a lot
There are other spiritual master who have a different outlook of explaining the same thing.
Please comment with any well known book that changed your life

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