Birth of Mystic

There is a effort which is exerted without any effort, what zen call it as effortless effort. A mystic stays with such ease that he accomplish a task without exerting effort. He had traveled around the world searching for the cause of misery and suffering, He met historical shamans, Christian mystics, Sufi mystics and yogis to delve deep down in human consciousness.

Rebirth after birth

One birth is a biological life given by parents which is obtained by every individual while the other birth is obtained by living life to the fullest, Reaching to the peak of intelligence and coming out of illusion from the world. A mystic is reborn after whenever he is born, Like a child. So he is reborn after born.

Mystic Birth

Mystic Birth

After attaining his soul, He decided to come back from mountains and preach people truth that he have realized. Some throw stones on him while some become his follower but there are very few who can take his experience to their heart. Silence is a medium through which he shared his being while people wanted to make another religion out of him. He din’t want another dogma known as ‘religion’. Thats when mysticism began. He made himself a mystic from that day. He became available for people who were the seeker and made himself phony for those who are there for dogmas.


This is the way when the mystic and mysticism became

He is not a person with some strange traits. He is more common then a common men, who has gain his innocence back and lost his personality. He is a individual with his own mind and being. He doesn’t care if others can’t understand him. All he care for is, Seeker with a heart full of love.

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