Every relation is relation to oneself

Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves

By Carl Jung

Relation with self

Relation to oneself

In every relation or every talk with other. One is essentially getting closer to oneself. One needs a unwavering observation to understand that every person except us whom we consider individual is nothing but us.

If one wants to understand themselves fully then one should go very intense with any relation. It may be any relation. Ultimately in every relation there is one’s own resistance comes into light and a unconscious person puts the responsibility of resistance on other, but relation has bring into light one’s own resistance. Until that resistance isn’t turned into acceptance there remains a psychological block in oneself. No matter how many relations you make, It’s the same resistance that wouldn’t let a person to stay in relation

I have found relation to be most enlightening way if one understands. Previously when I was eager about enlightenment I considered about every path and now when I no longer care about enlightenment. I have found every way ultimately to enlightenment. All one needs in every path is awareness. One aware person can be enlightened working on a farm.
A unaware person may stay at a oldest monetary couldn’t be enlightened

Nature is always revealing itself to you. Everything around speaks in a language which is’nt in words. The listener when aware can grasp it. The difficult part for the one is to put it again in words and express it to other people.

See without perception of seeing,
Hear without perception of someone hearing,
Moment you consider yourself as a subject,
You have divided yourself from universe,
Universe is unity and you are always united,
Just your ego gives you illusion you are.
As I went deep and observed ego,
There was no me and not-me.
Boundaries have dissolved of separation,
I wonder nowadays how can a fully evolved person love a person and hate other,
For me it’s hard to differentiate between beloved and enemy,
Every enemy in disguise is my beloved and my beloved in disguise is my enemy,
Such a beautiful contradiction it is,
How beautiful this world is,
If you think you are seperate from me,
I insist you to meet me alone and walk with me,
I can make you realize yourself not through some crazy drug,
But just being with you.

The “righteous person” what projected and fed you from childhood is nothing but a persons projection of the utopian world where everyone is as per ones dream. I say to you don’t love your enemy unless it is coming from inside. Enemy is a rival whatever feelings you have for him be true to it. If from beginning you are enemy from inside and loving from your moral teaching then you are false. You have divided yourself.

I say to you hate your enemy,
have violence if you feel like,
One day your enemy will be your guru,
There will be a day when enemy won’t be there,
Then one that remains is love.
Love is’nt cheap which can be from morals,
Love is aroused going intensely onto one’s feeling of hatred.
Hatred is love in disguise.
And love we all understand is hatred in disguise.
Only a enlightened person knows what love is.

Everything has its beauty if it comes by itself.
Eg. When a egg is broken from inside a new life is evolved, while broken from outside ends a life.

Everything is in perfect harmony once you are aware. One starts floating instead of going against the flow.

But don’t imitate floating by watching others. Like simplicity comes after understanding the immense complexity of phenomenon. In the same way, faith comes by immense conscious observation of life.

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