Give and take relations-Mystic view

Expecting to receive something in exchange of giving is a worldly way of living. This way is good if you are  in a economic world. Economy function with calculation of Gdp and accordingly considered efficient
Let’s look the same by mystic eye
Well firstly people were living sharing things with each other. There was no organised idea of a thing belonging to individual. Like trees sharing it’s fruits with humans and expect nothing just the sheer joy of sharing. Everything belong to everybody. Gold silver or diamond weren’t precious. Everything was considered same. What you call a equal perception to all things. People weren’t greedy for thing because there was nothing precious so there was also nothing cheap
Then some got a idea of assigning value to things and started trading with the value. As soon as value was assigned. People having more value things started distinguishing between high valued and low valued. Then became rich and poor. Then became king and thief. So to stop thief from stealing law and order came into existence. It’s been long since this world started from a free world with money dominant world. People started respecting values(money) since that day. But in real this value has been created by humans.
Mystic approaches give and take

Mystic view on give and take and question from people around

Money can be sacrificed for humanity but humanity can’t be sacrificed for money. World is doing the opposite

How people become like this even when they know they created the money.?

People who created value created for the reason of convenience and not to divide human beings, but in a long run the basic need of value got lost and people started dividing. Now everyone has lost its roots. The reason world economics is suffering so much is because it has lost its roots and human has become a tool for production.

What’s the solution of this problem?

The solution can’t be collective. It can be a independent revolution. Day more and more people start questioning each and every thing. All the foolish greed of possession will go away. Eg. A child starts believing from his education and upbringing that he will be respectful in society if he has possession, so he enters the rat race to gather acquisition. The day he will realize that society respect his acquisition not himself. Society is happy to follow the same path he entered to gain more acquisition then him. Day society will gather, his respect will be gone. Realization of self and awareness in every work is a key to revolution

It’s good to understand word awareness and self realization in meaning? But how to practice it. Can you tell some practical steps

The way human function, awareness is the most basic part of his existence. Without awareness he hasn’t. But since his life is clouded with thoughts so Nowadays he wants to understand everything with logical mind. Mystic suggests everyone to sit anywhere and observe around without thinking. Listening without interpreting, like when you look at sky, you don’t think it should have been red or any thought. Just observing. Observing your breath will also be a nice practice to create gap between self and thoughts.


Give and take is good for working in world. Its the basic way but remembering that give and take is just on the surface but within the core there is a brotherhood. We all are same. This give and take relation is for convenience. Everyone is equal.

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