Illusion of ego

A mystic who understands that he is a minute reaction in the vast universe wouldn’t keep a ego. In reality ego is a illusion of a false personal identity.

A mystic also need to understand on the contrary that he plays  a important participant in the function of universe. Every sentence has its contradiction, when a mystic approaches duality’s root, there is a undivided unity.

Illusion of ego

Self and ego

When one realize the limitation of our language one can understand that which is beyond words. Like for example. We understand effect as caused by a causation, but there is continuity in event happening and because of time illusion it seems as if something is cause. Like how can one define a growth of a tree,
The day when the seed is sown. Or
The day when when sunlight reaches it’s branch. Or
The day when the first leaf blossomed. Or
The day when one’s desire fruit is ripe by tree.

The whole event is happening effortlessly but a observer interprets at the moment he is seeing with some words as well as his perception. In certain ancient countries there were no noun only verb
Instead growing of tree
Treeing (tree used as verb)

That is rather a dimension which will give a broader understanding of a fact that everything changes. Child growing into adult, adult into old age, old age into death, another someone is born.

The whole phenomenon goes on happening smoothly. If one learns to flow with the phenomenon and doesn’t put his will. A awakened person realize the continuation.

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