Improvement is not needed, You are amazing as you are.

Improvement in yourself is possible ?

Lots of self development books talk about improving yourself and developing yourself . People spend tonnes of their saving in doing motivational courses. Why is it ?
Well when you think you have gone astray from path then you trust everyone who gives you direction back to home. Everybody gives their direction and make you climb mountains as well as leave you towards a tedious path of reaching to heights. No one is going to say how simple it is to reach home, because they themselves don’t know
You are at home all the time
 Well the fact is you are at home all the time. It’s just like you forget your home and started imitating other people. You gained a lot of knowledge and forget knowledge is not you. You started identifying yourself with the knowledge. But you are the one who had gained knowledge, you are the one who was and will be before knowledge was gained or will be dropped. Enlightenment is when you realize you have nothing to gain and nothing to lose but just living this moment
. It’s not the goal somewhere but it’s here and now.
You are what you are born to be

No need of self improvement

Do you mean knowledge isn’t required?

Knowledge is very important for living but it’s a very small part
Eg To drive a vehicle. You must be trained in driving, Have knowledge about traffic rules. Along with all training and knowledge you need a normal body to carry out process like switching gear, acceleration etc. But there is one thing at the core of all . It’s the awareness. Awareness through which you move your body, you learnt driving, you know you are.
Up till you think yourself as body or the trained driver. You are talking about what you have accumulated, not the real you.
Observing closely realize that what you are can’t be explained. It’s infinite.
So knowledge is required to organise and run life smoothly. But it’s requirement is for survival not living. No matter how much knowledgeable you become, It will be limited.
Improvement is just a word like improvisation of music, joke etc. It happens when you are playful and keep on extending the original. It’s always spontaneous. Humans are born with the most improvement possible and your effort of improving is like dog trying to catch his tail. Understanding and wisdom is gained by experience, but not self improvement. Experience is gained by living this moment and not expecting. Learn the art of non-doing.
The biggest art of  doing is with the art of non-doing.
Lao Tzu ancient Chinese guru talked about it. Read more about it Here
Nobody needs to be improved in this world. They just need to be more aware, So the seed can sprout and become flower.
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