Journey and Destination are same

Journey when we hear, We think of it as a way to reach a goal. As if journey is something that is a medium to reach to the destination. A mystic considers journey as the destination itself.

Lets hear about journey from the mystics life.

Journey and destination are not different, Journey itself is destination, Look attentively

When you start on a trip you think of reaching at a particular destination and then you are successful, This is a common belief people have. Destination is something which you need to work hard for

Eg. Trekking 7 day a traveler reaches to the peak of mountain, After the journey he is reminded of camping, cooking and friends around along with the view of peak. The collection of all together is journey

Traveler trekking towards a mountain top

Traveler trekking towards a mountain top

In the very essence of working towards a particular goal, A athlete is developed with mind, body and soul. A tree doesn’t only enjoys when it reaches to its heights, but the essence of growing each day slowly is its enjoyment. Humans   have developed a crazy mindset of setting goals and reaching them. There are so many motivational videos talking about Setting goals, Visualize it, Work hard for it. No one actually says to enjoy the working, You are taught to work hard to achieve something, No one cares about enjoying while working. This is one of the reason why you see people’s sad face after working in daily jobs. Money can’t motivate people for long time.

Try to find work that you can do without getting paid and you won’t have to “work” ever,

Its been taught rightly in some of business schools nowadays, not to focus on goal but on process itself. They are trying to reach closure to the truth, but still the whole organised hierarchy in business and society is not a healthy atmosphere promoting it. Nevertheless there isn’t anything that can stop you if you understand this thing. Remember Don’t try to do something, Because you have read something in some motivational book or by spiritual leaders like Dalai Lama, Jesus etc. Try with your heart, Until and unless it doesn’t assert with your understanding don’t accept it.

Look attentively around, Existence is your master

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