Learning to Learn

Learning to learn is a very important process that we don’t give importance to, But the process itself makes or breaks our interest for learning. Lets delve some light onto process
Simplicity is the goal of any activity, Before starting or thinking about anything like a skill or work to be performed, we create a mind map of the way in which it can be done. If activity is done first time then it seems complex to create a mind map because new neural patterns need to be formed by your mind. That’s why learning a new skill seems difficult at beginning.
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Eg. When anyone picks up a musical instrument, It seems so complex with music theory, muscle memory like picking on guitar, breath with flute. All the smallest things like notes, chords, harmony, melody.
A musician is said to be complete when he does’nt use his mind while playing, But music comes through him
How to reach this simplicity place in any activity like business, music, engineer etc?
Well there is a common pattern in learning anything. I am sure you must have known about it from experience, but may be you are not aware. Let’s put a light on the common process. When we desire of learning any new skill, There is a external stimulus which motivates us to create a desire, As soon as we finalize on our decision on learning the same. We are eager to get shortcuts, tips and tricks so we can learn fast. The true secret about shortcuts are there aren’t any.

Process of Learning

Phase 1

You need to start very small like reading the history. In our guitar example. Kinds of guitar, why guitar not keyboard, pioneer in guitar, genre of music etc. As soon as you question more and more about guitar it creates a confidence in you to pickup a instrument. You can read different books, blogs, articles to dig deep down. This phase is something which will make your goal really clear

Phase 2

Don’t expect to be a champion overnight. You need to dedicate months for it, if you wanna end up with simplistic playing and making your own music. If you just wanna play a song then you can learn a couple of chords and play it within days. But if you want to create something of your own then you gotta learn the rules and practice with teacher, do exercises your ideal did, to gain fluency with the work. Remember it may seem frustrating because it will be really small and you won’t feel it that much interesting but this phase is totally needed. Eg. In guitar you need to learn fretting, finger exercise, ear training etc. In this phase majority of learner give up. It’s the actual test of your patience which can’t be faked and need to be practice deliberately.
Learning process

Learning to Learn steps

If you still are somehow determined after phase 2 then you are near about learned the skill. I consider ahead everything of phase 2 as open road and the goal is reached. It’s not that you have become a champion or a game-changer in the skill, but you have learned learning. Now you can learn from everywhere watching television, walking, playing etc. Deep in your being a confidence has gained that through repeated practice you have came nearby that skill. Although you must have learned less then 20% of skill but you have learned 99% of what required in learning any skill
Here I have talk about starting to learn things. If you are interested in learning the skills how to be more efficient in learning any skill scientific way. There is a free beautiful course online
There is also a beautiful TED talk by the instructor of the course above to watch the video Learning to learn talk

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