Meaning of Mystic and qualities

Mystics well this word is as mysterious as the word ‘mystery’ itself. Mystics does not follow a specific dogma, religion or any organized system. They are more ordinary then ordinary people

Everyone wants to become extra-ordinary. Mystics enjoy being ordinary, that’s what makes them extra-ordinary

One of the many mystics from India shares his wisdom on What is happiness?

I received a number of requests people asking me to describe about mystics and how to find them.
Let me point few characteristics of mystic

1) No-Ego

Mystics are people who understand the futility of ego. They are a kind of people who have known their ego and dissolved it. That doesn’t mean they hate normal people. They have a compassion for ego, Because they know its not real.
Disciple: I want to get rid of suffering
Mystic: First get rid of ‘I’. There won’t be any suffering
Mystics understand well formation of ego and how to dissolve too

2) Intimacy with doing

Mystics are very intimate with whatever they do. They are not doing things for sake of completion. They do to enjoy the doing. Biggest motivation for a Mystic is enjoyment. That’s why they are not a regular working person. Even if some are you can recognize by the way they work.

3)Non dual

They do what’s required, It may be violence or non-violence. Real or fake, love or hate. Since there is no distinction for them. They can be as furious as a warrior while as silent as saint. They are both extreme. Don’t expect them to be non violent or violent. Mystics don’t have any fixed personality. They are what is required this moment.
If you read about Chinese Martial-arts or Zen Warriors there is a stillness at the center and furious from outside.
Taoism also points out the middle way in a best way. Read Tao poem 


Although mystics are knowledgeable, they always function through intelligence. Intelligence that grows from experiencing. Intelligence and Intuition are driving wheel of mystics. Mystics believe that Intuition can’t leave them astray. Intelligence has a eye-sight of its own. Knowledge can be borrowed from books, media etc while intelligence has a light of its own

5) Spiritual connection

We see objects as objects but mystics see objects as a participant and part of universe. He knows well that everything is dependent on each other but also independent. What I mean is
Eg. Although a individual is dependent on economy for financial gain, He is also independent on affecting the economy by himself.
Mystics understand that there is a deep spiritual connection. Mystics understand the harmony beneath the universe
Their search is for the roots instead ¬†fruits of a tree. People are interested in gains or pleasure they can have from universe. Their interest is source of gains and pleasure. Mystics question existence in the most deeply manner. Once I met a mystic, we were talking cosmic consciousness, reincarnation, world economy. You will find them very scientifically at times to the depth they think for. They don’t have past so it’s very rare do they get hurt. Best metaphor to describe them as children but wise, not as ignorant as children

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