Mystic middle way- Taoist poem

Tao Poem

Moment you are in favor of something, you reject the other thing,
Moment you desire for heaven, you become afraid of hell.
A mystic chooses without desiring,
A mystic does without favoring,
Detached he is somewhere now and will be in opposite the next moment,
If you can contain him in some statement then he is not mystic.
Indefinable he is, unpredictable he is.
You can’t contain him in some philosophy or theology,
He is innocent like a child and wisdom like a saint.
He is uneducated from civilized behavior and manner,
Tao poem by mystic

Mystic way in taoist style

Politeness doesn’t contain in the content he speaks but the place where it comes from,
Like even a zen master uses stick to hit a disciple, A disciple bow down to him,
A disciple bow down not because of authority but for the compassion,
Mystic is a koan that cannot be understood but realized through direct experience,
Mystic is weak in handling relation of give and take,
That’s why world sometime consider him like a mad lake.
Mystic is happy with the nature no matter how much you influence him for your deal maker,
Mystic uses things and get over it, as soon as the work done,
There is a grace that needs to be learn.
As dance is for dancer and music is for musician,
Mystery is for mystic and mystic is for mysticism.
That’s the eternal tao of Taoist.

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