Nature of Desire

Generally what I observe is lives of people go in a vicious circle. First they desire something, they crave for it, ache for it and sometimes get it while sometimes not, the funny thing here is to note that even those who get what they desire suffer and even those who don’t get suffer
Mystic Desire view

Mystic talk on desire

Why is the person who gets what he desire still suffer?

Actually in reality there is nothing in this world that is incomplete in human, although no matter he realize it or not. Desiring at its root is not a healthy position of human being. What it means when you desire is that you are not happy what you have and you want more. It gives you a illusion that if you have more then what you have and you get so and so more then you will feel fulfilled. But moment you reach there, a new desire is created to get the other more and it will make you more fulfilled. It’s a vicious circle. Many people like Nietzsche, Buddha had talk about the unconsciousness of men by desire.

Does it mean I shall not do anything just sit quietly like a saint and do nothing ?

Well that’s a funny perception of saint. But what we don’t realize is how much they are doing by not doing anything.
Eg. Suddenly a person like Hitler enters the room and fills everyone with rage towards Jews. Words of Hitler, enrages people against the other caste(Jews here).  So the influence is of energy that Hitler brings to the hall.
One can visibly see the hooting and rage by the influence of speech, In the same way when a Buddha is there one can feel the peace and serenity by the influence of his silence. But that serenity is not that popular, as saints we consider as outcasts. People are interested in becoming influential leader no matter that brings humanity to end.
So saints do something that’s why the whole religion has come, One saint influenced a lot of people and then people created sect out of it.
Well coming to your question of doing. One shall work without desire of the fruits. Do something make you feel joyful. Like a musician playing his instrument, he can do the same for getting fame by imitating famous musician or enjoy composing his own music, In short he can do for money or for enjoyment. Same goes for any business, service and any activity.
You have everything you need, moment you realize that you are full there is no way you desire more and give up what you love.

But we need to pay our bills and work for that and nowadays people want security so it’s not possible.?

Well security in the real world is not possible because the very thing which you can’t control is what will happen next moment or the next morning what crazy disaster no matter human or natural may take what away from you. Still what we think we are securing is based on past
Eg. Organisation and businesses plan about future from last five year stats like graphs, survey etc
Future is always foretasted on basis of past.
Talking about paying bills. If you look carefully people are working for earning enough so they can pay their bills and enjoy a equal status in society by having the accepted possessions(Car, House). So the goal of working is to survive in society, No matter how one earn he need money to pay for survival.
When there is question of survival one does’nt enjoy working. A doctor may fool patient by charging more then nominal fees.
Everyday big businesses are trying to make you all believe how much more you need for staying healthy. Advertisement made to inform people about products and services, instead they uses human psychology to create desire and demand without the actual real value to people
If everyone started doing what they can do the best then there won’t be any problem with wealth.

But How can I find my passion?

There is nothing like finding a passion. Life is simple. Don’t complicate it by  finding it somewhere else. Start doing on things you feel like doing that is everything for you.
Remember there is nothing like one passion in life. A person may be interested in singing but after a while he may like something else and can excel in it. Don’t stick to a thing on passion or profession.
Eg. If you like cooking. Just enjoy cooking, Your enjoyment will automatically make you explore various recipes and all other knowledge about cooking.
Be true to yourself and don’t use fancy words like “passion” 😃

Now I feel life is simple.

Then make others life simple too

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