Order and chaos in art

The way everything is meant to make interesting for viewer is combination of structure and randomness.
If everything is structured or in order then things become boring. To make things really catchy and always a great art is meant to have combination of both. In the same way everything random has no specific direction which makes everything vague and unrelated. This has been the most important thing in every activity, every work. In other words yin and yang called by chinese, non-dual called by philosophers, but it’s the fundamental
Order in art

Balance of order and chaos

Eg. In every design or poster, pamplet that we see there is combination of 2 or 3 color as well as 2 or 3 typography. That’s the structure and limit of the design, if the designer is really smart and want to balance it then he can break the structure by using out of range color ,typography or breaking the grid structure to create contrast.
Eg. In every song there is combination of chords, tempo and melody. A musician stays within a certain scale and derive chords from it. On basis of scale. verse, bridge and chorus is formed. That’s the basic structure. Then comes the unexpected part, if listener listen the same structure it creates harmony in his brain, the real trick is to break the harmony and grab listeners attention to something musician wants to emphasize by breaking the structure through out of scale chords or manipulating the tempo. The skill of musician is how efficiently he breaks the structure and bring spontaneity unexpected randomness to the song.
That’s the example of visual and auditory. Our remaining 3 senses works the same way.
There are things known and unknown in between there is door. A artist sometimes with his art reaches to the unknown and mix it with known to create a art.
But when there is combination of known and unknown then the real fascinating work is made(known meant structure and unknown meant randomness)
Whenever you feel more of one part balance it with the opposite. The real purpose of non dual is to stay in between. Which spirituality is all about.

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