Purpose of Life

Living with purpose is deep down in our psychology. Someone asked mystic his purpose of life and
“How can you live with purpose ?” Mystic Exclaimed
 Mystic explained about purpose from his wisdom
Mystic View on Purpose

Purpose in life according to mystic

If you have been doing it for purpose then you shouldn’t do. A work when done with some specific purpose is very limited, If you ask someone why do you love his partner and he can reason it then its not love. They are together for the reason, and the moment till that reason exist they will be together. Same thing goes for work and everything in life
 Most of the beautiful work by artist has come when they were not thinking about it. Some describe it as like a unknown energy make them create that work. It may seem illogical to a rational person of doing work without purpose but every beautiful thing in this world is without reason
Look at the rose, It blossoms for no reason and falls for no reason
Whole nature doesn’t have as logical reason as we have. Humans have come along a way to believe in things that can be reasoned. At least this is what every new children taught in school. His neurons are patterned to always search for rationality. We are in a silly ego trip of conquering the nature by our rational mind, Like a drop of water consider itself different then ocean and develop ego of its own and tries to conquer the ocean.
Humanity has come far across various world wars and surviving since long because it tend to look at world with some purpose. This world is nothing but a play of divine. And humans are nothing but divine themselves. There’s no better or worse, theirs no good or bad. Its not to motivate you in doing something that you want to do, but the very essence of existence.
Ask yourself before doing something. Am I doing it for getting something ? If you are doing it for some purpose then it won”t take you to closer to your heart. Although it may be necessary for surviving in this planet but it’s not the thing coming through “real you”. Purpose may be essential for your survival but not for your soul. When its simple doing, your body and mind becomes a vehicle of superior energy to function and there is no expectation of result. The doing itself is the ultimate bliss.
A mystic has meditated deeply on death. That has bought him far enough to the wisdom. Life is one side of coin while death is other. Experiencing both sides of coin a mystic embarks in mysticism

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