7 Spiritual Biographies of all time

Spiritual movies are a great source of motivation when you feel stumbled or stuck somewhere among spiritual practices. People search for masters and some consider everyone as their master so learn from everyone. For those who considers everyone as their master, this post is for those open-minded people.

Spiritual Biography

Movies to motivate your spiritual Practice

In this post, I have compiled biography of various spiritual leader. Please add any other tittle which you think will help other spiritual seeker. Remember these are all spiritual movies not preaching certain religion or belief.

Meditate with the stories of some of Masters journey to enlightenment

1)  Milarepa(2006) Milarepa (2006) on IMDb

Tantric and Yogi

Milarepa – Tibetian Tantric

Milarepa is still one of the most prominent figure of Tibet. This movie is story of a men who learnt sorcery to get revenge from his relative as per his mother’s words. Later after getting revenge and understanding the futility of his deed, He gets free from karmic actions and states this

In my youth I committed black deeds. In maturity I practised innocence. Now, released from both good and evil, I have destroyed the root of karmic action and shall have no reason for action in the future. To say more than this would only cause weeping and laughter. What good would it do to tell you? I am an old man. Leave me in peace.

2) Zen(2009)  Zen (2009) on IMDb

Zen Master Journey

Zen Master Dogen Zenji

Zen Master Dogen Zenji established  Sōtō school of Zen in Japan. Originally ordained as a monk in the Tendai School in Kyoto, he was ultimately dissatisfied with its teaching and traveled to China to seek out what he believed to be a more authentic Buddhism. He remained there for five years, finally training under Tiantong Rujing, an eminent teacher of the Chinese Caodong lineage. Upon his return to Japan, he began promoting the meditation practice of zazen through literary works such as Fukan zazengi and Bendōwa. He eventually broke relations completely with the powerful Tendai School, and, after several years of likely friction between himself and the establishment, left Kyoto for the mountainous countryside where he founded the monastery Eihei-ji, which remains the head temple of the Sōtō school today.


The film premiered in Japan in 2009. The following year, it had its US debut at the International Buddhist Film Festival.[6] The film was released on DVD and includes a short documentary entitled The Zen of Dogen with Kazuaki Tanahashi.[7]

If you cannot find the truth right where you are, where else do you expect to find it? Thanks to Josette Champagne. -Dogen.

3) Meetings with the remarkable men. (1979) Meetings with Remarkable Men (1979) on IMDb

Famous mystic from russia

G.I. Gurdjeff- Spiritual Mystic from Russia

Journey of a men born in Russia, G.I. Gurdjeff’. Movie starts with the curiosity of Gurdjeff for truth. Movie takes you to mystical Egypt and at last Gurdjeff encounters the truth. This movie is inspired from book with the same name.

The plot involves Gurdjieff and his companions’ search for truth in a series of dialogues and vignettes, much as in the book. Unlike the book, these result in a definite climax—Gurdjieff’s initiation into the mysterious Sarmoung Brotherhood. The film is noteworthy for making public some glimpses of the Gurdjieff movements.[3]

A man may be born, but in order to be born he must first die, and in order to die he must first awake.


4) Peaceful Warrior (2006)

Spiritual Journey of Socrates

Movie inspired by story of Dan Millman

One of the most inspiring movie I have watched till date. This movie teaches in a simple and elegant way how simple life is and how difficult our pride makes it. The lead character is a normal men having a lot of pride and ego of his achievements but can’t sleep at night. This led him to a old men who trained him to be a warrior in every situation of life.

Dan Millman has it all: good grades, a shot at the Olympic team on the rings and girls lining up for the handsome Berkely college athlete all teams mates look up to with envy. Only one man shakes his confidence, an anonymous night gas station attendant, who like Socrates, keeps questioning every assumption in his life. Then a traffic crash shatters Dan’s legs, and his bright future. Now Socrates’s life coaching is to make or break Dan’s revised ambition.Written by KGF Vissers

The habit is the problem. All you need to do is be conscious about your choices and responsible for your actions.


5) 7 Years in Tibet(1997) Seven Years in Tibet (1997) on IMDb

Biography of Heinrich Harrer

Heinrich Harrer- An austrian mountain climber

I thought of adding a movie which is not that spiritual but nice in cinematography and light-hearted. One of the movie which capture the condition of tibet before invasion of China. I really loved the way Dalai Lama is portrayed in the movie

After the death of 11 climbers, Austrian Heinrich Harrer (Brad Pitt) decides to add glory to his country and to the German pride by climbing Nanga Parbat in British India, and leaves his expectant wife behind. Egoist and a loner, he does not get along with others on his team – but must bend to their wishes after bad weather threatens them. Then WWII breaks out, they are arrested and lodged in Dehra Dun’s P.O.W. Camp. He attempts to break out in vain several times, but finally does succeed along with Peter Aufschnaiter (David Thewlis), and end up in the holy city of Lhasa – a place banned to foreigners. They are provided food and shelter, and Peter ends up marrying a tailor, Pema Lhaki, while Heinrich befriends the Dalai Lama. He meets regularly to satiate the child’s curiosity about the world, including Jack the Ripper and ‘yellow hair’; in return he is exposed to teachings of Lord Buddha and even constructs a movie theater, while getting news of the end of the war; his divorce; and …Written by rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com)

We have a saying in Tibet: If a problem can be solved there is no use worrying about it. If it can’t be solved, worrying will do no good.


6) Into the Wild(2007) Into the Wild (2007) on IMDb

Christopher McCandless journey

Journey of Traveller

This movie is a  inspiration  for all Backpacker, traveller, wanderlust. I have met man traveler along my journey loving this film. Movie that is search of wilderness of a 23 year old boy. A seeker who is tired of materialistic things and seeks joy in woods


A young man bravely sets out alone on what turns into a majestic journey to explore the beauty and wonder of the world. Throughout his travels, which ultimately lead him into the wild and wilderness, he seeks and ultimately finds pleasure and joy along with a sense of truth and purpose he has been yearning for all his life. Along the way he meets and deeply touches a cast of others who are all in their own ways also looking to escape or move on from the past and enjoy life again.

I think careers are a 20th century invention and I don’t want one.

7) Rebellious Flower(2016) Rebellious Flower (2016) on IMDb

Osho Biography

Movie inspired form life of Osho

Let me end the post with movie inspired from life of one of the most controversial and spiritual master of India, Osho. This movie captures the rebellion spirit that Osho had since childhood. Even though its a low-budget movie but songs, cinematography and story makes one watch this movie repeatedly


How the innocent and intrinsic questions of a child ripen into the inner rebellion of a youth, through which ultimately a rebellious flower blooms, who shares the fragrance unconditionally. The story is a bouquet of hand-picked flowers from the garden of an unending celebration. Inspired by the life of Osho, it’s a first feature film on the spiritual guru Rajneesh Osho. Written by alap solanki


The flight of the heart beyond mind, time and space



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