Spiritual Soulmate and Lover

Love is a much talk about word in todays generation. Lets delve deep into how a natural stateĀ  of being love has become a extraordinarily achievement
Words like soulmate and lovers for life are something everybody search for. We have been given and exposed to a life where a individual has to find a opposite gender or same to fulfil himself/herself. There is a whole big industry of romanticism which is worth billion dollar like pharmaceutical industry.
Romantic movies portray lives in a fairy tale where the lead couple hook on and off weaving the love story. Although there are some movie that are different and not “They happily lived after” but majority feeds us perception that there is a ideal one or soulmate or some other kind of person made for you and he will come in your life. Well the idea here is to save yourself for him.
If you look closely majority of love marriages end up in divorce. Even the celebrity couples whom we consider as the best couple ends up divorce. If you consider statistics of divorce, it’s much more then happy couples.
Spiritual lover

Lover and soulmate in spiritual world

Why is it so?

The work of media or society is to create a ideal world for a child from beginning that there will be some special one for you in life and he will be the only one. In reality life is a continuous stream and no matter which person enter your life, if you stay detached and don’t be a desperate one for picture perfect life of ideal lover, you will never cling on to him. When a person enters your life you will be happy with his company and when he departs you will still cherish the time you had together with not a desire of cursing on his departure. You will be surprised to know that couples lie to one another because they don’t want to hurt another. Why an individual get hurt? Because the other one may have done something which can’t be accepted. So there is no actual freedom.
Love gives freedom to be what one wants to be
But lovers have become a arrangement to go through life. And then they bring a new life into existence which is extension of them. That’s a vicious circle going on.

Are there no soulmate ?

There are all soulmates are there any soul enemy. Haha. Well the idea of soulmate is of a one special person just like made for each other type but in a spiritual words. Understand the truth behind all words. Words nowadays are made to make some movie, advertising campaign or market some product. Doesn’t matter you call it a lover, soulmate, perfect one, other self etc. So beneath the word and Christian they are the same but those who stick with word differentiate themselves and create a fake personality but words are necessary too so understand the synchronization beneath all words, they aren’t much different
No need searching for some special what you need and whats suitable you is and will always be here and now

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