Sufi ideas and their thoughts

Sufi’s what everyone identifies as lover of god. One who goes deep in the love only knows what love is. One who has known love has known God.

Sufism and thoughts

Sufis and their thoughts

Sufism is more of a non rational and illogical to a common mind. Everyone is a sufi like everyone is buddha. There come a time in human life when he has to hear the urge of heart which is aching for union. That longing and feelings are expressed in every sufi music or sufi poetry. If one is open for reception, the poetry and songs can give spine tingling sensation.


How to identify a sufi? What is the life of sufi?


Sufi are hard to identify as they are not interested in boasting or even talking about their existence. There is a beautiful sufi thought which goes something like this.


O god the day I have found you,
My life will be over and I will reunite,
I love the world you have created,
I travel every path to merge with you,
As soon as I am closer to you,
I change my path and seek you again,
I am enjoying the seeking,
Day I merge with you, it will be more beautiful,
But now the thrust for you is my happiness,
I am happy and given everything.
The drunkenness of your love is my strength,


Life of a sufi is that of a lover. Sufi can be anyone who is in love with what they do. An utmost orgasm moment in life of sufi is when they get so merge in the act that they forget they exist. Like a musician or dancer do emerged in act that he forgets everything.


First a musician needs to learn the scales, chords, rhythm, melody and all the techniques. Once it all becomes a part of his intuition and it has become a intrinsic nature of him then he is not conscious of it but it operates with him. Same way sufi needs to learn to surrender himself. In beginning there is resistance and there comes a time when surrender is total and surrender-er disappear.


In every love relation to other person one encounters his own resistance when relation doesn’t work. Other is always a mirror that reflects what’s already concealed in other.


When Rumi(original of Sufism) encountered St Tabriz in his life, he learnt total surrender.

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