Thought and Unity

Before the generation of thought and coming into conscious attention. There always is unification between self and no self

from silence to thought

Before thought

Thought divide the is with is-not. Thought is always dualistic. It has its own essentiality and importance untill it dissolve back into consciousness. During a thought going on. One gets a temporary illusion of being something

Eg. A musician when given a big applaud gives himself temporary illusion that he is a musician and categorise himself as musician.

People develop this temporary illusion created by thought into their identity and resist being the whole and contain themselves in small category. If someone enjoys doing something, he identifies himself with it. Which limits himself in being other that can be if he is not made limited to his recognition.

In the world where we understand everything with words whose meaning are subjective to individual experience. Everyone tries to play with words. While the essence of any event is captured in silence. Words make it all hocus pocus. Imagine if you haven’t been taught so much morality and all the dos and don’t, how naturally curious you will be to every moment. Because our mind is filled with so many preconceived notions we are not able to see things as they are. Thoughts are the fundamental way of breaking things and observe them. Thoughts can be put in words if it’s full developed and can be transmitted in words. Silence is a base on which thoughts emerge and evaporate.

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