The way of action

The way of action.
Total action

Action right way


Any work that we do physically or mentally is considered as action here.
So for the sake of explanation, action is self explanatory to everyone. But let’s view from mystic eye. How action need to be performed


The basic fundamental of any action is how one does and not what does. The same action can bring various state of mind to different person.
Eg. Helping someone with anything because one has many and
Helping someone because one has to.


Both brings a very different quality in a person. If a person does more of things he want to not have to. He is more  of total action.


Even thinking about something is acting in particular direction. If one learns to direct his thinking to a specific topic longer. It’s a kind of meditation. It’s unwavering exploring to the depth of the question.


If a act is done without thought and done completely conscious then it doesn’t leave a feeling of regret and the action is always total. People generally are very fragmentary they think about something, they work something.


When your head and hand are in complete alignment then the mundane becomes extra ordinary.
Is it too difficult ? Why do people can’t?
If we delve deep inside the cause of fragmentary action it is fear. Fear of unknown if we talk in terms of Mr Krishnamurti language. When one doesn’t evaluate all the aspects before entering at ground. He is bound to be afraid of unconsidered circumstance or rather more important if one is expecting certain thing and different unanticipated situation arises and one doesn’t accept.


If you really want to get free of any situation most important thing is accept it fully with your heart, mind. It won’t then matter you.
An act that is done for the sake of completion is not total but action is done for the sake of action.


The very attitude of reaching to the end of act and getting the reward is the driving force behind majority of people. This attitude make them live a life always towards future and he never lives in present. Every action of that person is not for sake of action but for reward.
There is nothing wrong or right in anything but there is also a way where one can avoid suffering. I discussed it in way of action

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